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We design, develop and optimise your WooCommerce online shop.

Why? Because every day we observe how the Internet is increasingly overtaking conventional markets. We see this as an opportunity for up-and-coming companies – and we are happy to help you take advantage of it.

What we offer you: Professional know-how, strategic approach and a WooCommerce online shop that not only looks good, but also sells. As a WooCommerce agency with many years of experience, we have already realised numerous online shops and know exactly what is important. And above all: we are so convinced of WooCommerce that we use this plugin exclusively for online shops.

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WooCommerce Online Shop Development

We develop your online shop on the basis of WooCommerce. We either connect your shop to an existing WordPress website – or we develop your WordPress page and your WooCommerce online shop together.

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WooCommerce Online Shop Optimisation

You already have a WooCommerce online shop, but notice that there is still room for improvement? Whether it’s design, security or customer acquisition via SEO and social media: based on our many years of experience and with the help of analysis software, we show you exactly which potential you can still exploit and how to proceed.

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WooCommerce Online Shop Design

If you as a customer enter a shop where you do not feel comfortable, you probably leave it without buying anything. Accordingly, a harmonious design is also essential for online shops. Our professional designers will develop a design for your WooCommerce shop that will convince you and your customers alike.

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WooCommerce Online Shop Maintenance

We update your plugins, monitor the stability of the server, create regular backups and much more. In short: we make sure that your WooCommerce online shop runs continuously.

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As a WooCommerce agency we develop online shops exclusively on the basis of WooCommerce. Why? Because we are completely convinced of this plugin. The most important reasons for this we will tell you here:

The Latest Premium Software

As the official e-commerce plugin of WordPress, WooCommerce is always technically up to date.

Easy Handling

The handling of WooCommerce is comfortable, clear and intuitive.

No Licence Costs

The core version of WooCommerce is free of charge. Costs only arise for specific additional functions which can be set up individually according to your own ideas.

Legal Certainty

Thanks to WooCommerce Germanized, the use of WooCommerce is legally unproblematic in Germany as well.

Link to Accounting Systems

Thanks to the linkage with various accounting software, a large part of the financial administration is almost done by itself.

WordPress Compatibility

WooCommerce is based on WordPress – in our opinion the best content management system in the world.


with plugins, numerous additional functions can be embedded in WooCommerce with just a few clicks. The software thus remains slim, but fulfils all the functions you need.

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Our concrete services for your WooCommerce online shop

Premium Web Design

Your WooCommerce online shop is shop window, shop area and checkout area in one. We develop a target group-oriented design for you, which is completely coherent and corresponds to your corporate identity.

Market Analysis

Use the potential that your competitors are missing! We sound out the market for you and find out how you can positively stand out from your competitors. Do not be just one online shop among many, but the top dog in your niche!

Corporate Design & Style guide

With a uniform corporate design you become a brand that inspires customers. Together with you, we develop a style guide that presents the products in your online shop in a uniform and target group-oriented manner.

Online Advertising

We place advertising for your products on Google, Bing & Co (Search Engine Advertising). In addition, we integrate cookies on your site so that you can target advertising to former visitors (retargeting).

Embed payment methods

From credit card to Paypal to direct debit: We embed the payment methods your customers use in your online shop. In addition to detailed advice and secure processes, we also point out other possibilities such as the Instagram Shopping function or Amazon Pay.

Premium Support

We want your WooCommerce online shop to run smoothly – and we want it to run continuously. For this reason, we in our WooCommerce agency have two open ears for your concerns and are immediately on hand in case of emergencies.

PageSpeed Optimisation

Long loading times are one of the main reasons why potential buyers leave your online shop again. We have mastered all the technical tricks and knacks that improve the loading times of your online shop – also and especially on the smartphone.

Setup of Landing pages

The best way to generate traffic to your site is with sales-oriented landing pages. We either optimize these for search engines or integrate them into an advertising campaign.

Content Creation

We develop first-class product descriptions and sales texts for you that will convince your customers.

Social Media Embedding

Address your customers wherever they are on the road: With targeted strategies and advertising campaigns in social media such as Instagram or Facebook, you can easily win new customers. We know: it works! If you wish, we can also integrate the Instagram payment function into your shop – your customers will thank you for it.

Online-Offline Interlocking

Browse online, try it on the spot? Dovetail your WooCommerce shop with your local store. We’ll show you how to bring the best of online and offline together. We firmly believe that digitalisation is an opportunity for local retailers.

Target Group Analysis

To set up your WooCommerce online shop optimally, we need to know your potential customers. What does their living environment look like? How do they buy online? Based on this information, we not only develop the design of your shop, but also set up the content, advertising campaigns, payment functions and social media embedding accordingly.

Online Shop Security

It goes without saying that security and the blocking of malicious software is a top priority in our online shops. With the functions of WooCommerce, additional plug-ins and individual adjustments we ensure that your online shop is really secure.

Search Engine Optimization

We write texts for you that appeal to search engines and customers alike. In this way, we provide your products with advertising texts that direct potential customers via Google and Co. directly to your shop.

Training and seminars

We introduce you and your employees to the use of your WooCommerce online shop in a clear and understandable way. In this way, you can work independently with the software, add articles, issue invoices and handle shipping.

Data Analysis and Site Optimisation

With analysis software such as Matomo or Google Analytics we measure the user behaviour in your WooCommerce shop. We determine important parameters such as bounce rate, visitor analysis and referrer analysis. These help us to further optimise your online shop.

Why are we the right WooCommerce agency for your online shop?

We are specialised in WooCommerce

Unlike many other agencies, we rely exclusively on WooCommerce, because we are convinced of this e-commerce system. Over one million websites worldwide use WooCommerce – and there are reasons for this.

Requirements Workshop

Before we set up your WooCommerce shop, we conduct a requirements workshop with you. In this way we can respond specifically to your industry and your personal requirements. And above all: we think of everything that is important for you.

Permanent Contact Person

With us you will receive a personal contact person for your project. You have a counterpart who always has an overview and feels responsible for you.

Communication at eye level

We understand technical jargon – but with you we speak German. Our philosophy is: If you really have an idea of something, you can explain it in an understandable way. Instead of dazzling you with big words, we prefer to convince with great online shops.

Years of Experience

As a WooCommerce agency, online shops have been developing for over 11 years. This means that we know what works and how to approach projects. Our experience flows into every new project.

Certified Developer Trainings

Our developers regularly attend certified training courses. Lifelong learning is not just lip service for us, but the high standards we set for ourselves.

Looking Beyond the Horizon

Not only do we master WooCommerce, but we are also very well versed in online marketing in general. We know the trends of tomorrow and know how to attract new visitors to your online shop with online advertising, search engine optimisation and social media campaigns.

Optimised Processes

We know what we are doing because the processes in our WooCommerce agency are optimised. Everyone in the team knows what they have to do and when. This means that we complete projects according to a fixed schedule.

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