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Make progress in the digitalisation of our working world!

We develop customer portals, sales portals, service portals and other platforms that take your company to the next level of digitalization. Bring together administrative tasks, internal processes, communication with customers and suppliers as well as your sales department in one platform – and all this customised to your individual requirements.

Relieve your employees, optimize your business processes and inspire your customers with a transparent online platform!

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Customer Portals

Whether B2B or B2C: Optimize your customer communication and order processing with a modern customer portal. Through the portal, customers can view the status of their order, download invoices, delivery notes and other documents and get in touch with your team. In this way you create transparency for your customers, relieve your employees and transfer cumbersome e-mail and telephone communication into a clear system from which all parties can benefit.

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Distribution Portals

A distribution portal is more than just an online shop: Here you can submit personalized offers, negotiate contracts and exchange documents and thereby respond individually to your potential customers. In this way, the correspondence before and after placing an order is simplified and consolidated in one portal. The internal company processes for preparing offers and contracts can also be centrally organized here.

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Service Portal

Relieve and structure your support with a functional service portal. Service requests from your customers no longer end up unstructured in your e-mail inbox, but can be processed by your employees one after the other thanks to a transparent ticket system. The customer can view the status of his request at any time and, if desired, be informed by e-mail as soon as a member of your staff has dealt with his request.

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Further Portals

From download portals and corporate intranets to employee portals and shopping portals: We develop individual solutions according to your requirements. Just come to us with your personal ideas and we will show you what is possible.


In many cases, an online platform is the ideal way to take both internal and customer communication to a new level. You can also benefit from the many advantages of an online portal:

Regulated Processes

Every employee can process customer orders and inquiries as well as internal company tasks one after the other. Once a task is completed, he simply concentrates on the next one. The system automatically informs you about order updates, so that no orders and inquiries are accidentally forgotten.

Clear Ticket System

Overworked employees and irritated customers? That is water under the bridge! Thanks to a clearly arranged ticket system, every employee can process customer orders in sequence without being constantly interrupted by telephone calls. This way you increase the well-being of your employees and at the same time create transparency for the customer.

Maximum Transparency

Your customers always know the current status of their order or request. Your employees can then process these requests quickly, but are not forced to respond immediately.

Email Link

Link your online portal with email notifications. Your customers will receive a message as soon as their order status changes. This allows them to react rapidly so that orders are completed without delay.

Access From Any Location

Access your online portal from anywhere – without intranet connection or network integration. Thanks to our comprehensive security measures, you are always on the safe side – and can also log in easily when you are on a business trip or at a customer appointment.

Centralized Management of Documents

Whether is an invoice, delivery note or other forms: Every employee and every customer can access exactly the documents they need at any time – without additional administrative effort or communication that blocks resources in your company.

This is what makes our individual web solutions stand out

The Latest Technology

Whether it is PHP, JavaScript or Python: Our individual web solutions are based on the latest technology and on programming languages that will be used in the future. We attach great importance to technically clean and transparent code, so that your portal can be easily developed further and extended with functions.

Reliable Performance

We program your portals so that they function perfectly. We keep the backend as lean and functional as possible. In addition, we work together with high-performance hosting providers with whom we have had good experience for years. This way, we ensure that your portal always runs smoothly at all times – even if many users access it at the same time.

Data Protection in Accordance with the Law

On an online portal, you are very likely to process personal data that goes beyond name and e-mail address. There are some legal things to consider. We are familiar with the legal requirements of the DSGVO in detail and with the assistance of certified lawyers, will help you to implement these on your portal in a legally compliant manner.

Individual Programming

With us you do not get any standard products, but individual solutions that fully meet your requirements. Our developers know their trade- and put their heart and soul into your project with a lot of know-how, care and passion.

High Usability

User-friendliness is the key to every online platform. For this reason, we not only attach importance to a modern and harmonious design, but also to optimal usability. Our portals are clearly structured and the essential functions are intuitively accessible.

Customer-specific Interfaces

We set up the interfaces you need for your digital platform. In this way, your portal can be connected to your financial management software or various databases, for example. In addition, it is possible to import or export entire data records from and to Excel and XML.

Maximum Security

Our online platforms often represent the core of our customers’ business processes. It is absolutely essential that the portals operate securely around the clock – with no ifs or buts. For this reason we use secure connections (SSL), secure protocols (HTTPS) and bullet-proof firewalls.

Flexible User Roles

In the portal development we set up different user roles with different permissions. This means that each user can only access the data for which he is authorized. This not only creates legal security, but also keeps the portal clear for all users.

Optimal Scalability

Every company is oriented towards growth. For this reason your portal is able to grow optimally with you. The programming is clear, so that new functions can be easily implemented. The server performance can also be adjusted accordingly to ensure optimal use and fast loading times even with many parallel accesses.

Why are we the perfect agency for your project?

Years of Experience

We have been developing individual online solutions for over 11 years. This means that we know what works and how to approach projects. Our experience flows into every new project.

Certified Developer Trainings

Our developers regularly attend certified training courses. Lifelong learning is not just lip service for us, but the high standards we set for ourselves.

Future Orientation

We know what’s going on in the online world and know the trends of tomorrow. We develop an individual solution for you that grows with your company – and which you will enjoy in the future.

Optimized Processes

We know what we are doing because our processes are optimized. Everyone in the team knows what they have to do and when. This means that we complete projects according to a fixed schedule.

Requirements Workshop

Before we develop your portal, we conduct a requirements analysis with you. In this way we can customize the site to your specific needs. And above all: We think of everything that is important for you.

Permanent Contact Person

With us you will receive a personal contact person for your project. You have a partner who always has an overview and feels responsible for you.

Communication at Eye Level

We understand technical jargon – but with you we speak German. Our philosophy is: If you really have an idea of something, you can explain it in an understandable way. Instead of dazzling you with big words, we prefer to convince with great platforms and portals.

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